Starting off in SoCal for our nearly 6 hour flight that was late by about an hour. Hey, I got more time to sleep.

After some  turbulence that hit just as I had to go to the jon.

Well, the clouds this mourning made for a view on the neighboring islands. We went into town and browsed around and tried to work the creative muscle.  

We had dinner at a beachside place and I went a took a few pictures of the mall.

Now this is fun; going `40mph dropping down 100 feet and traveling 250 yrds. Ziplinning be fun.

These 2 night shots are now my top favorites. After running another HD time lapse scene in the lobby, I forgot to reset the white balance. Meh, it still looks sweat so I ain't complaining.

Man, this was a fun whale watching trip. I'm kicking myself for somehow getting stuck in single-shot mode over burst shooting, and then dropping my arms for a second from the camera's weight and missing a double breach about 20 feet from a smaller watching boat.

Today, Wednesday, I'm going to be gone all day taking a scooter on the road to Hana. I have 6 hours to make the trip which provides at least 2 hours of photo fun.

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